Award Winning

At the EuroShop 2020, VR INSIGHT was awarded the Retail Technology Award (RETA) 2020 "for an outstanding technology solution in retail" in the category of "Best Enterprise Solution" as a solution partner for Getränke Hoffmann:

"Getränke Hoffmann made the building phase even more efficient. Together with VR INSIGHT, a Virtual Reality App was developed allowing a store to be planned in VR. Before the commencement of the actual building, one could walk through the planned store and in real time, fine-tune the product placement, shelves, promotional elements and furnishings, all in VR."


Virtual sales environment

Our qualitative and quantitative market research makes use of the entire spectrum of VR, delivering unbeatable value:

  • An individual test environment can be created in a sales scenario that is completely interactive.
  • The testing environments are created once-off and - without high investing costs - are permanently adjustable and available.
  • Surveys are conducted with the certainty that they can be extended and repeated at will.
  • Survey time is significantly reduced and the "Time to Market" is optimised.

Qualitative Research:

  • Group discussions
  • Accompanying purchases
  • Relevant VR environment for the necessary stimulus

Quantitative Research:

  • Comparison from tested and controlled scenarios
  • Integrated Eye-Tracking and analysing interaction behaviour
  • Support through further research

Various possibilities

In the case of operational and strategic challenges, we help to efficiently and effectively develop a solid basis for decision-making. We create the platform that enables:

  • POS-Concept (communication, placement, interactive control systems) faster to develop and test.
  • Category Management - Solution to visualisation, to test and to change. (Placement, guidance systems, category structure/sequences).
  • A new level of communication between retailers and manufacturers, enabling an even closer collaboration.
  • Dialogues across spatial boundaries, optimizing employee training and organizational development.
  • Saved time and money: The effort of finding and building "real" test markets as well the accompanying extras such as producing dummies is removed.

We are readily prepared through:

  • an extensive and expandable library of 3D assets.
  • an adjustable foundation for consumer and drugstore markets, for the quick use of all relevant departments from the isolated domain-solution until total-store.



Enabling Sales Excellence

At VR INSIGHT, the answer to your challenge is in our focus. The targeted use of modern technology is equally as important to us as our motivated team, consisting of experts from: market research, advisory and implementation In order to offer customized solutions for branded goods and retail companies.

Client specified Scenarios in Virtual Environments:

We help our partners successfully market their products and services through different approaches that can optimize the addressment of shoppers in a relevant purchase environment. For example: Conceptualised virtual environments allow the chance to quickly and tangibly experience shopfitting. The Virtual Sales environment also offers an ideal platform for collaboration between the trader and the producer in a new environment.


All from one source

We combine modern technology with years of experience in areas of Management Shopper Insights and of course, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

  • The development of interactive VR content such as the execution and implementation of Shopper Insights
  • Full service from the conception of the study until the implementation of the VR environment, including 3D- Modelling until study execution and reporting
  • Visualisation of concepts for Marketing and business such as training-support
  • Advice on the introduction or establishment of an own VR infrastructure
  • Mobile setup ready for use at any location

Enabling Sales Excellence –
real people in a perceived environment

We help our partners market their products and services even more successfully. The dedicated development towards re-creating a shoppers “point of decision” will be central to your competitive advantage.

Relevante Survey Findings through conclusive User Experience

VR INSIGHT captures how success looks in the eyes of the shopper. Using real shopper routes and heatmaps, we record the results of shelf-impact and the visibility of products and make the data easily accessible.

New insights that can enable refreshing concepts

The findings that VR INSIGHT presents sheds light on building a structured business strategy that can withstand a real implementation. This is achieved through findings based on observations and not assertions.


An Integral part of your value chain for sustainable use

The virtual purchasing environment is created by our developers with a deep understanding of the market and it’s shoppers. With a high implementation quality the purchase experience increases and with it the resilience of the findings.

3D models in highest quality

We create our 3D models ourselves and with the latest technologies. Only in this way are we able to meet the hardware requirements of virtual reality and the desired visual quality.



For further information we look forward to hearing from you.

Good questions, clear answers

We create your individual virtual sales room adapted to you or your product group in the relevant market environment. Depending on the agreement, you can use this space once off or as often as you like.

Actually really easily: Through renting a once-off an existing environment, you’ll be able to easily conceptualise your POS in order to collaborate better with your partners. You could go even a step further and develop one of your departments in order to facilitate an extensive and long-term use of VR.

What’s important is that one starts with the first question - and for a business new technology is must. Then with the experience being operationally applied the ideal integration of VR is made clear.

Where VR will be in 3 to 5 years, or which role VR will occupy in your current business processes we won’t be able to guess. However we are convinced that VR will become standard in daily business, and that companies which gather experience with VR early will be able to get the most out of possibilities of this new technology.

After having your environment created, we will set up the hardware on your PC. With a VR-Ready computer and necessary 3D headset you’ll soon be able to visit your test market as much as you’d like.

If you are interested in being more active with VR e.g. creating your own store in VR that you could easily adjust it to your and your team’s likings. We can develop a VR configurator which allows you to create flexible and independent adjustments alongside the standard environment.

After the virtual environment is created everything goes relatively fast. Depending on the amount of case number and scenarios, a quantitative study usually takes around two weeks.

The creation of a virtual environment takes around two to six weeks. Adjusting an existing environment to your test requirements takes a couple of days depending that the complexity and the extensivity of the adjustment stays achievable.

An extensive Shopper-Survey with examination of the different POS scenarios would take a maximum of 12 weeks.

Most of the time, the shopper reacts normally. Through the high immersion, the shopper switches into a “shopping mode” - During this state the shopper feels at home in VR and makes a realistic purchase.

This has been confirmed by 90% of shoppers who purchase in a virtual market. With the shopping basket being slightly bigger than in reality, it could be the case that a premium product is chosen instead of the usual purchase standard. That being said, these cases do not happen often and can be isolated.

VR INSIGHT was originally born as a collaboration between Brand on fire consulting and VR Nerds to create a virtual selling environment Shopper-Study. Brand on fire are experts on POS and Shopper Insights and VR Nerds leads the development of interactive virtual worlds such as “Tower Tag”.

VR INSIGHT is the end result of merging these two experts to form a new company committedly focused on the continued development of translating Sales Excellence Service into modern technology.

Direct contact: +49 40 2383064 80

Phone hours: Monday till Friday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.