Real experiential shopping at the POS - through interactive brand experiences with virtual reality - the new dimension of successful promotions

Experience the brand impressively

Positively associate the special experience with the brand

Sharing the experience with one's friends - multiplication through social media integration

Use the possibility of gaining insights in the promotion (if desired)

Designing the experience playfully in line with the brand

Communikation & Collaboration

Making communication in sales & marketing tangible - through virtual reality

  • Present new campaigns, [re-] launches, etc. directly in the implementation effect

  • Lively accompaniment of annual conferences in marketing & sales

  • Present the new concepts to the trade [the manufacturer] in the relevant context


Training courses in what feels like a real shopping environment provide direct practical relevance

Trainings can be repeated as often as desired - internationally - after initial creation

Mobile and easy to manage infrastructure

Organizational Development

Virtual Reality anchors trained knowledge with your employees!  The active, playful application of the theory taught ensures lasting learning success

  • Motivation through fun - variety with new methods

  • Learning by doing - making knowledge tangibly relevant


[Category] Visions are immediately and clearly communicated visually - without any room for interpretation or translation

The immersive approach of VR enables a real experience - and thus an emotional connection to the solution

The technological basis is mobile, can be used anywhere - and is quick to design yourself

The closeness to reality promotes open feedback and constructive exchange - a dialog grows