YGG was created with the idea of planning new retail sales areas (new openings, conversions of departments/markets, development of new shop concepts/visions) in detail before the physical conversion and making them "walkable".

In this way

  • details can be refined (visual axes, aisle widths/lengths, POS positioning, etc.) and
  • colleagues/employees can be emotionally introduced to the new concept (empathy, ownership).

- hence the integration of the organization in the development of new spaces. After all, the retailer's sales floor is a central asset. The optimal use of this space is YGG’S goal.

Digital store planning in VR - in 2D and 3D - enables the rapid implementation of total shops as a template for shopfitting and sales (category and product allocation).

The parallel automatic digitization of the store areas serves as a central data input for management cockpits for the optimal management of the sales areas.


Problem solving with Ygg

New markets are often planned in pure 2D - a visualisation of what has just been built is rarely or not at all possible in full VR-3D. So: really go through the planned market part and check if everything fits (planning is often too far away from implementation reality - which then costs time and money in the conversion).

Involved (implementation) departments (= sales, store management) can be poorly integrated in into planning - acceptance of planning is not always optimal and knowledge is not ideally used. VR directly removes these hurdles

Today, areas often have to be recorded/measured/documented afterwards in order to obtain a database for later management reporting/controlling and planning. This is very time-consuming and difficult to maintain. If the market is digitised in VR, all information is immediately available for reporting and planning - in the medium term, every area is recorded and stored as a date - and is easy to maintain..

What we offer

Intuitive store planning in VR - in 2D & 3D

Shelf Placement // Category Assignment // Product Placement // POS Positioning

Collaborative platform for organisations and partners

Digitises retail space - creates digital twins

Your advantages

Time-saving processes for shop planning

Easily involves different departments in the process

Enables a "real life" check of plans before actual implementation

Creates complete visibility of your business infrastructure

Enables management cockpits for robust decision making

Enables state-of-the-art single-handed solutions