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What exactly does VR INSIGHT offer us for a service?
We create your virtual sales room in the relevant market environment, individually adapted to you or your product group. Depending on the agreement, you use this room once or as often as you like. This virtual sales environment serves as the basis for the subsequent services, which vary depending on the objective. We conduct shopper studies for you, visualise category management concepts, and POS media in the relevant environment, accompany you to sales fairs, use the VR environment for training and education ... We can be your full-service partner in the agency network - or your specialist for the VR service. Depending on how you want to incorporate us.
How can VR start in our company?
It's actually quite simple: You rent an existing environment once and use it to visualise your POS concept in order to collaborate more intensively with your partners. But you can also go one step further and build up your department to facilitate a more extensive, permanent use of VR afterwards. The important thing is that you start with an initial question - and that there is openness in the company for the new technology. Then, as you apply it operationally, experience will come in and the ideal incorporation of VR for your company will be derived. We can hardly predict today where VR will be in three to five years or what role VR will then play in your company processes. However, we are convinced that VR will be an integral part of day-to-day business and that the companies that gain experience with VR early on will then also draw the greatest benefit from the possibilities of the technology.
Can we also use the virtual sales environment in our company on a daily basis?
Once you have created "your" environment, we will be happy to set it up for you stationary, i.e. on your own hardware. You will then have a suitable laptop with the necessary 3D glasses in your company and, after a short briefing, you can visit your test market as often as you like. If you would like to use VR more actively - for example, actively design your areas yourself and discuss them in the team - then we will develop a VR configurator for you. In addition to a standard environment, this also gives you the opportunity to make flexible, independent adjustments at any time.
How long does a Shopper study take in virtual reality?
Once the virtual sales environment has been created, things move extremely quickly. A quantitative phase takes about two weeks in the field, depending on the number of cases and scenarios to be tested. Another two to three weeks later, a report is ready. Creating an initial VR environment takes about six weeks. Adapting an existing environment to your test requirements takes a few days - as long as the complexity and scope of the adjustments remain moderate. In this way, an extensive shopper study with testing of the most diverse POS scenarios becomes a project of max. twelve weeks.
Does a shopper behave the same way in the virtual market as in the real world?
Essentially, the shopper behaves very normally in the virtual market. Due to the high level of immersion, the shopper in the study "switched" immediately into shopping mode - the shopper feels as if he or she is standing in the market and shopping. This is also confirmed by over 90% of the shoppers who buy in the virtual market. However, it should be noted that the shopping basket tends to be a little larger than in reality - and it can happen that instead of the usual shopping standard, the premium product is picked up today. However, these cases are not frequent and can be isolated