VR INSIGHT was originally born as a project - between the brand on fire consultancy and the VR Nerds to create a virtual sales environment
for a shopper study.

VR INSIGHT is the consequent merger of these two expertise in a new company, in order to fully commit to the further development of this
sales excellence performance in modern technology with its own team.

VR INSIGHT has therefore been working independently and in a concentrated manner on solutions from the market, for the market, since 2019.
From the start directly in projects, now to independent products. In the meantime, several awards have been won that show that relevant solutions are being developed that also offer real added value.


VR INSIGHT was awarded the retail technology award (reta) 2020 in the category "Best Enterprise Solution" at EuroShop 2020 as a solution partner of Getränke Hoffmann
for an outstanding technology solution in retail":

"Getränke Hoffmann has made its shop construction even more efficient. Together with VR INSIGHT, a virtual reality app was developed with which shops can be planned virtually. Even before the actual construction, the shop can be "walked through" and different scenarios can be tested by fine-tuning product placements, shelves,
in-store promotions and furnishing elements in virtual space in real-time."